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for the secca slam for art you agree to the following notes, terms & conditions

NOTES:  If the golf tournament is canceled due to weather or other events, players and sponsors will receive a full refund.  No refunds will be made for other types of cancellations outside the control of SECCA.  When you purchase a ticket or sponsorship, you agree to the rules and regulations of the tournament and its refund policies and to the terms and conditions set out below.


Sponsor/Player to pay the full amount of sponsorship/player’s cost specified in the contract.  Receipt of payment confirms the event registration.  This payment must be submitted no later than September 30, 2017, to avoid reservation release.

Sponsor/Player understands that there shall be no right of cancellation except in the event of weather related cancellation as previously set out.

Proper and acceptable golf attire and suitable foot wear is required.  No denims, cut offs, track pants, cargo shorts or t-shirts please.  Soft spikes are required by the golf course.

Sponsor/Player agrees to hold SECCA, its employees, agents, sponsors and volunteers harmless from any and all claims of any nature whatsoever that may arise through any activities of the SECCA Slam Golf Tournament.  Sponsor/Player acknowledges that he or she is aware of inherent risks involved in attending a golf tournament, such as being hit by a stray golf ball, and hereby accepts those risks.